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The invisible foe and the visible catastrophe

The Covid 19 has changed the world drastically and the mankind is survives with the conjectures anticipating the better future, while the health experts, economists, scientists, anthropologists, educationists and philanthropists etc. all together are trying to rescue the mankind from the perplexities and fear of uncertainty.

Where did it all start?

The virus was first identified in Wuhan, which is the province in China; the country is blamed for its taboo food culture. Initially this was identified as unexplained pneumonia. Later this disease turned in community transmission across the globe more or less all the countries were affected, this caused panic and fear that devoured many lives because in this modern world there was an invisible foe unleashed.

The government of China was blamed to hide this pandemic hit from the world, initially by posing that everything is normal. This deceived the world and before the international or national flights were suspended, and even when the lockdowns were imposed across the globe it was too late.

Taiwan became the first and only country

 Taiwan has set up a benchmark in fight with Covid 19 and became the world’s first country to take strict measures against the pandemic. The strict measures were taken on the ground level in which ramping up the production of face mask, sanitization from person to person, each person was allowed to come and out of the house for two days in a week etc. there were no strict lockdowns in Taiwan while only 19 deaths were reported by the end of the august 2020.

The reason Taiwan successfully coped with the catastrophe was its previous experiences and good preparation against contacts from people to people etc. these all together helped the authorities to simplify the intricate situation.

Europe’s false sense of security led to disaster

 For the European’s Covid 19 was not their cup of tea and they were in delusion even until the month of February 2020 because the gathering were normal things. Now the experts are admitting that mass gatherings must have been stopped earlier across the European countries, the societies took it granted. In the month of March 2020 Europe’s graph crossed the Chinese data on the pandemic victims.

The outbreak compelled Europe to lockdown and the public places that never used to sleep were deserted.

Despite the warning Germany was relaxed with no preparation and suddenly without warning the cases were reported in the country by the beginning of the March. Sweden was considering herself Corona proof but suddenly felt the cases in the country. Europe made face mask mandatory by late April 2020 by then almost six thousand deaths were recorded across the Europe.

US became the biggest sufferer

By this time America started digging the mass graves for her myriad of victims, the president failed to walk the talk and there was scarcity of the fighting tools of Covid 19 in America. To this day the world most powerful country fails to cope with the situation.

Conditions of poor countries

 The African countries that are already poverty stricken are witnessing the possible worst amid the pandemic hit. The countries have lost their war against the catastrophe; the example is Nigeria where the people have taken the law in their own hands to secure their residence and community from the opportunist miscreants those spread anarchy.   

The Challenges faced by the Healthcare frontiers

The profession that was most hit by the pandemic disaster was the medical profession; this catastrophe has killed many professional mostly due to poor preparation. The other challenge with the doctors is that after treating the patients with the finest available therapy and medicines, the patients are showing new life threatening symptoms especially with the respiratory organs beside this the blood gets thinner and the circulatory system is at the brink of collapse, this is the situation when well wishers are informed.               

A ray of hope

The descent of economy across the globe has resulted in the job crisis globally, people are concern with surviving and this has led the humans towards breaking the law.

Amid all the difficulties and hardships we humans have trait of fortitude that made us survived until now, the Vaccine will be discovered and Covid 19 will be as dengue fever only which is now free from phobia of death due to the perfect solution to it.

The business verticals are focusing on office disinfection service in Dubai, while civil defense authorities have embarked glass partition in Dubai at the public places.  The authorities here smack dab the conjecture by keeping the close eye on the events taking place globally.