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High-Low is desirable as a game because of its relatively even House Edge. Wagering on Side Bets will only negatively impact this favorable Edge. Hi-Lo sits at a return of about 98%, making it a very even game for a casino. The Dealer will mill the top three cards of the deck, and then wait for Players to make new bets before a new comparison occurs.

Looking to play the simple yet exciting card game of live Hi-Lo at a fantastic online casino? That’s a great idea, but with the enormous numbers of websites out there, where do start in looking for one that is truly excellent? Read about the providers, the dealers and the ways you can play this fast-paced live game with professional live dealers.

  • The most thrilling version of Hi-Lo that features an incredible progressive jackpot.
  • Winning a hand is as easy as correctly predicting if the next card to be dealt will be higher, lower or equal to the card on the table.
  • If no low hand is possible, or if no players have a qualifying low hand, the entire pot is won by the high hand.
  • If you’re going to pursue that as a high, you better hold the nut for that suit.
  • We check that the layout is easy to use, all of the important payment options are available, and of course that this exciting game will also work through your phone.

Omaha hi lo poker rules don’t differ that much from traditional Omaha holdem. That’s why Omaha high low poker strategy is essentially the same as Omaha strategy. To learn how to play Omaha hi-lo poker, you should first learn to play Omaha and hi lo online casino then apply split pot hi lo rules to what you’ve learned. A split pot is exactly what it sounds like—a pot that is split between two winners. In the case of any hi-lo poker variant, the pot is split between the highest and lowest hands.

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It is a take on this timeless card game that has players guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. It is a straightforward and fast-paced online casino take on Hi-Lo. The main bets are whether the money card will be higher or lower than the face-up card. There aren’t set odds for this bet, as it changes based on the cards on the table. For example, a bet on a low card, when the face-up card is a 4, will have a higher payout than you would get by the lower when the face-up card is a 10. Playing Hi-Lo in a live dealer game is quite similar to the online version.

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In Hi Lo, the middle cards (7, 8, and 9) are usually likely to be drawn, so betting on these cards can increase your chances of winning. Before diving into the exciting world of online Hi Lo games, choosing a reputable online casino that offers the games is crucial. Each card has its value, and in most cases, Ace is the highest card, and Two is the lowest. The order of the cards, from highest to lowest, is Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

As the game made its way to Europe, courtesy of the silk trade in the Middle Ages, it adopted a new appearance. Standards European decks with four suits and numbered cards were used. The cards behind Hi-Lo originate in Tang Dynasty China, which places the game between the 7th and 10th century AD.

While the odds can vary, there is little strategy involved and you just have to guess high low cards from the deck. Closely connected to this point, is to have good bankroll management in place when you play a game. If the player wins, they will win money, and they can choose to double or pass, otherwise, they will lose, and the dealer will move on to the next round. Typically, the RTP will be in the 96-97% range, which gives players greater chances of clocking up regular wins. The cards are shuffled after each hand, so it doesn’t help to count cards or track how many high cards or low cards have been pulled from the shoe. On a side note, the next card in a game is picked from a full deck of cards.

Never content to rest on our laurels, our aim to provide the most holistic guide to live games and online casinos means that we’re constantly looking to improve the page. In scraping the internet, we’ve found a few commonly asked questions to answer for you right here. There are always people looking for cheats or strategic ways to improve their likelihood of winning when gambling. However, games of pure chance cannot be cheated, and there is very little strategic input you can have to a game like live Hi-Lo online. There is no perfect strategy for this game and, in the long run, the casino will always win. We check that the layout is easy to use, all of the important payment options are available, and of course that this exciting game will also work through your phone.