Interior Designing

We being the leading Interior Designing Consultancy in Dubai, Our interior designing team works closely with you during the various construction phases to make timely interior design choices that turn every space into a homes and offices. We as Interior designing consultancy, focuses on providing interior design consulting. This is complemented by specially purchased furniture, art pieces, decorator fabric, and accessories for the homes and offices. The process will commence with interior design consulting services, and then progress on to offer specially selected elements to complement the interior design.

Your Own Interiors is the absolute creative solution for a programmed interiors. AB Interiors plays a major role in formulating the interior design solutions. We believe in creating a space that is not only aesthetically sophisticated, but also help provides its client an ultimate space for relaxation and comfort.


Office interior solutions provide efficient use of work-space while contributing to the aesthetics of your office interior designing. They play a large role in modern office interior planning. They are an investment made by the company to provide a comfortable place for staff to carry their duties which enables us to run services for each person/facility and defines an organized department.
Workstations can also be rearranged easily for growth areas and can be relocated to your new office location when the time comes to move.
Other areas to be considered in your office work space environment can be boardrooms, boardroom tables, office reception, office furniture and custom joinery which all can be discussed in details at your convenience.

Interior design is a profession that is focused on the space inside a house or building, from furniture to window treatments. The interior designer’s work is done in close collaboration with the architect and other designers, as well as clients.

Home decorating, on the other hand, encompasses all aspects of designing and furnishing the home. It includes choosing paint colors and floor coverings, buying furniture and decorating with plants or artwork.

Interior Design Focus Points

Interior design is a profession that focuses on the design of a person’s living space. It is the art and science of enhancing the way people live in their homes or other living spaces. Interior designers are responsible for selecting furniture, decorative objects, appliances, color schemes and layout of a room as well as other considerations such as lighting and climate control.

The difference between interior design and home decor is that interior design is about creating an environment where people feel comfortable and at home while home decorating has to do with assembling the items in your home to create an attractive look.

Interior Design Process

Interior design is the process of shaping the space to reflect one’s lifestyle and taste. It is a fascinating art form that speaks volumes about its owner’s personality, lifestyle, and taste.

Middle Eastern interior design has been an inspiration for many designers around the world. They have created several interior designs that are inspired by Middle Eastern culture and traditions.

1) The first example is a beautiful home in Dubai which was designed by an interior designer from Riyadh herself. The house features a lot of traditional Arabic elements such as mosaics, marble floors and doors, arches, and decorative hand-painted tiles in bathrooms.

2) Another example is this beautiful living room which was designed by an interior designer from Dubai

3) And this one is a stunning bedroom with black walls

4) And lastly, this living room with hints of gold detailing

Importance of Home Interior Design

Interior design is an important part of the home. It is a place where people can relax and spend time with their loved ones. The design of the interior should be such that it reflects the personality of the owner and also has features that are needed for everyday life.

The Middle East, which often gets overlooked in terms of interior design, has some really beautiful designs to offer. Here are some of the best designs from this region that you can use as inspiration for your own home.

1) The first thing you will notice in this house is its magnificent spiral staircase which leads to a rooftop terrace. This space offers spectacular views and provides a great place for entertaining guests or just relaxing after a long day at work.

2) This living room has an interesting layout with an L-shaped sofa set against one wall and a fireplace on another, which creates an intimate atmosphere perfect for reading or watching TV with family members and friends.

3) This bedroom features a large bed

Rich Interior Design History

The Middle East is a rich and diverse region with a history of trade and cultural exchange. This has given rise to many different styles of design that have been influenced by the cultures that inhabit the area. From the traditional Arabic homes, to the modernist designs of Dubai, there is no shortage of examples on how to make your home into a beautiful oasis.

This article will explore some of the most popular interior design trends in this region, while also highlighting some lesser known styles that are worth exploring.

The Middle East is one of the most ancient and culturally rich regions in the world. It has been home to many civilizations, religions, and cultures. The region has a long history in art and architecture. The influence of Islamic culture on its architecture is undeniable. In this article, we will explore how interior design in the Middle East has evolved over time, what it looks like today, and how it is influencing other parts of the world.

The Middle East is known for its rich culture and architecture. The region has a long history of interior design that dates back to the ancient times. The region’s distinctive cultures have shaped the way they decorate their homes, which is reflected in the wide variety of materials and colors used in the region’s interior design. This article will explore some of the most inspiring examples of Middle Eastern interiors from around the world.

* This article will explore some of the most inspiring examples of Middle Eastern interiors from around world.

Interior design is a field of design that deals with the design and furnishing of the interior of buildings. The Middle East is a region of the world that is often overlooked when it comes to interior design inspiration. But, there are many great examples of Middle Eastern interior designers and architects who have been able to create beautiful and unique interiors. Here are some examples of beautiful Middle Eastern interiors that you might find inspiring:

A modern home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

An apartment in Beirut, Lebanon

A house in Doha, Qatar

A penthouse suite in Dubai

The Middle East is a region that has always been known for its rich culture and tradition. This is also true for the interior design of the region. The Middle East’s interior design is influenced by the Arabic, Persian and Turkish cultures.

The Middle Eastern interior design is characterized by its use of patterns, colors and textures. These are used to create a sense of space and richness in every room of the house. The use of these elements in the home can be seen as a reflection of their culture, history and tradition. Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatments. The Middle East has a rich history and culture that is reflected in the design of their homes. This article provides some inspiration for interior design from this region.  The interior design of houses in the Middle East is quite different from the interior design of houses in Western countries.

In the Middle East, there are many cultural influences that have shaped the way people live and how they decorate their homes.

There are many historical buildings in this region, often with intricate designs and features that make them stand out from other buildings.

Many homes have a distinctive Arabic style to them, with a lot of wood and intricately carved features.

The use of rich colors is also popular throughout this region, with many shades of orange, reds and greens being used throughout the home.

Middle Eastern interior design is a very interesting and different approach to designing and decorating the inside of homes.

It is characterized by a mixture of Eastern and Western styles with a focus on natural materials, like marble, wood, and stone.

The main goal of Middle Eastern interior design is to create harmony between the inside of the home and its surroundings. The interior design world is one of the most exciting industries in the world. It has been evolving and changing over the years, and it seems that there are no limits to what is possible. The Middle East has been a great source of inspiration for interior designs, particularly in terms of architecture and furniture.

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