Office Fit Outs


An office fit out isn’t just about a few bits of furniture and laying down carpet. It’s about getting the right balance between design, functionality and your budget.

We, at Your Own, have been fitting out office interiors of all shapes and sizes across the Dubai UAE. So whether you need to fit out an office for 10 people or 500, Your Own approaches each project in the same way.


• Site preparation and access management
• Chairing of regular site meetings with construction workers and suppliers
• Supervision of all construction and service work to maintain compliance
with specifications, contracts and Dubai
• Standard in accordance with Civil Defense rules and regulations
• Defects inspection and follow up of rectification works
• Enforcement of warranties and guarantees
• Provision of “ As Built “ plans, operating manuals and compliance certificates
• Supervision of final clean and services operations


Providing control and supervision of on-going maintenance and rectification works, including warranties.


Our interior designing consultancy, With In-House experience of over 35 years in interior designing, office designing and construction of premises for all types of commercial, retail, medical and industrial site, Your Own can simplify the commercial planning process for you.

Your Own can provide interior designing concepts and bring them to life with the assistance of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) capability. We can produce colour plans, 3-D modeling and photographic rendering so that you can see what your new office will look like before it’s built.

• Interior designing consulting
• Office fit outs
• Floor Plans
• Engineering Details
• Architectural Layouts
• Mechanical and Electrical
• Fire and Emergency
• Joinery Details


Office Partition with office fit outs, usually are constructed from:

• Gypsum partition of 100mm thick, 12.5mm on either side consisting of 72mm
GI tracks on top and bottom 70mm steel stud at every 600mm.
• Glass partitioning in an aluminum frame.
• A combination of plasterboard and glass partitioning.
• Demountable materials.

The most commonly used office partition is Gypsum boards or Glass partitions. Glass partitions have become a popular choice for the office interior design. Its full height or half height variants in aluminum frames provide effective office partition, letting through natural light. Privacy needs can be met using various window treatments. In selecting particular materials, consider the partitions’ prime function. It could be for an acoustic barrier, privacy or security? The appropriate solution may be a mix of different types.


The most crowded space in your office is above the ceiling.

in a typical ceiling cavity you will find :

• Air Conditioning system and duct work
• Lighting systems
• Fire services (sprinkle system and smoke detectors)
• Emergency lighting
• Communications systems, phone and data cables
• Electrical services
• Security system

This is a large number of services which requires a lot of maintenance in office interior designing, all of which has to be performed in the ceiling space. The tile grid system which allows for good access works well in the general office area. However, it does not always look attractive in particular areas such as reception and boardrooms. For that special area you might want to think about something a little different! Set plasterboard ceilings take away that strictly functional feel. Bulkheads provide a three dimensional effect for presentation areas such as receptions and boardrooms.


Office workstations provide efficient use of workspace while contributing to the aesthetics of your office interior designing. They play a large role in modern office interiors planning. They are an investment made by the company to provide a comfortable place for staff to carry their duties which enables us to run services for each person/facility and defines an organized department.
Workstations can also be rearranged easily for growth areas and can be relocated to your new office location when the time comes to move.
Other areas to be considered in your office work space environment in office fit outs can be boardrooms, boardroom tables, office reception, office furniture and custom joinery which all can be discussed in details at your convenience.


Commercial painting can be a greatly undervalued trade. Most people think they can apply paint as well as a professional contract painter. Specialized paint finishes and styles require a skilled artisan to apply well and effectively.
Paint has the ability to change the whole appearance of an office with very little cost. Colour can influence moods and bring life to dull areas of your office. Be a little daring, a bit bold, and use colour to provide an impact.
Your Own, as demonstrated above, offers a convenient central point for management and reference for all the required support services, in a total turnkey interior environment.